Projecting and assembly

Pneumatic products and more

For more than thirty years finding custom solutions for our customers based on pressurized air has been our core business. We offer a great variety of products and technical support for pneumatics, pneumatic accessories, dosing technology and vacuum technology.

  • Installation and new solutions for old pneumatic control units and repair
  • Manufacturing of complete pneumatic control units according to your wishes
  • Laser inscription to label your components forgery-proof. Logos, symbols, data matrix codes, barcodes and much more are possible.
  • Delivery and assembly worldwide

Pneumatic components

Fittings and push-in fittings

Industrial Hoses, Hose Clamps and Hose Couplings

Valves and Ball Valves

Pneumatic Cylinders

Vacuum Pumps, Suction Cups and related accessories


Solenoid Coils and Valves

Logic Controllers and much more…

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